My primary teaching responsibilities include three courses in medieval philosophy (two undergraduate surveys and a graduate seminar). But I also teach a number of other courses in philosophy (both undergraduate and graduate), as well as participate in a weekly medieval Latin reading group for graduate students and faculty.

Undergraduate Courses

  • History of Medieval Philosophy (every semester)
  • Studies in Medieval Christian Thought (regularly)
  • Philosophy of Religion (occasionally)
  • Ethics (occasionally)
  • Introduction to Philosophy (occasionally)
  • Critical Thinking (occasionally)

Graduate Seminars

  • Medieval Theories of Space and Time (2016)
  • Late Medieval Ontology (2015)
  • Medieval Theories of Relations (2012)
  • Metaphysics (with Jan Cover 2011, 2015; with Mike Bergmann 2014)
  • Aquinas on Material Objects (2010, 2008)
  • Metaphysics of Material Substance (2004)
  • Philosophy of Aquinas (2002)
  • Medieval Problem of Universals (2000)